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What is Precision Medicine?

As defined by one of our founders in 2009, precision medicine has three essential features:

  • A detailed understanding of the cause(s) of disease
  • The ability to diagnose these causal factors
  • The ability to specifically treat these root causes effectively.

Crosswalk Insight™: Oncology is the launchpad for your moonshot toward precision medicine for cancer.

Who needs Crosswalk Insight™: Oncology?

Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncologists ▪ Pathologists & Laboratory Medicine Professionals ▪ Pharmaceutical Companies ▪ Clinical Trial Developers ▪ Diagnostics Companies ▪ Life Science Toolmakers ▪ Health System Executives ▪ Marketing & Communication Professionals ▪ Medical Students, Residents & Fellows ▪ Oncology Nurses & Genetic Counselors

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