Crosswalk Insight™ Oncology is an integrated knowledge base and graphical user interface for precision medicine. It simplifies understanding and communication and ensures molecular proficiency and better resource utilization.

Precision medicine requires multidisciplinary communication, molecular diagnosis, patient counseling and personalized therapy. Healthcare providers struggle to understand and integrate complex, rapidly changing knowledge and technologies into their traditional process. Empowered patients demand access to expertise and new drugs that hold the promise of better outcomes. Health system executives are concerned about resource utilization. Payers struggle to establish a framework to support the use of costly new drugs and diagnostics. Many are unsure about where to start. Step one is to achieve Fluency in the language of Precision Medicine™.

Users "Crosswalk" through tumor images, explanatory molecular pathways, FDA approved targeted therapies and relevant clinical research trials, all within four taps on an Apple® iPad®.

Crosswalk Insight™: Oncology delivers integrated multidisciplinary insight that underpins the rational adoption of precision medicine.

Who benefits from Crosswalk Insight™: Oncology?

Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncologists ▪ Pathologists & Laboratory Medicine Professionals ▪ Pharmaceutical Companies ▪ Clinical Trial Developers ▪ Diagnostics Companies ▪ Life Science Toolmakers ▪ Health System Executives ▪ Marketing & Communication Professionals ▪ Medical Students, Residents & Fellows ▪ Oncology Nurses & Genetic Counselors

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